About me

Tom Andries (b. Leuven 1969) is a Belgian Multidisciplinary Designer and Contemporary Artist. In his conceptually driven art he abstracts the typographic form, leaving behind pure shapes which are painted directly onto canvas. Fascinated by minimalism, Tom uncovers the essence (what is essential and what is not) leaving the unnecessary behind. He is inspired by mid-century design and architecture and early modernist painting. His work reflects an ongoing quest for the pure, expressive painted gesture; albeit within a structured frame. Mostly monochromatic, the works convey an extraordinary sense of natural spontaneity.

Studying graphic design and typography at MAD Faculty in Hasselt, Belgium, Tom was mentored by the educator and type-designer Luk Mestdagh. On leaving college, he started his career in graphic design and branding, learning the tricks of the trade first hand from creative director Jeremy Dawkins. 5 years on, Tom became the Creative Director of Redstar Design Antwerp (a WWP-company). Tom has always been the instigator of original concepts, challenging the laws of tradition. Whilst at Redstar he created the iconic “A” identity for the city of Antwerp which was a breakthrough in the world of Belgian design. In 2007 he founded Today, a strategic design agency with a clear focus on creating and developing future-proofed identities and brands.

Tom currently teaches a Brand Design Masterclass where he inspires the next generation of Belgian designers. He is also a lecturer at his former college where he teaches Graphic Design. Tom currently lives and works in Oito House, his self-realised modernist house and studio in Rotselaar, Belgium, together with his partner Christl Martens and Hoedan their vizsla dog.